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Does Spade To Fork have an instructional video on how to successfully sow and grow the plants in my indoor seed kit?

Yes! See below for the video--we're visual people so if you are too we hope this helps!

How much sunshine do my growing herbs need?

Your herb garden will grow best with lots of sunshine, so choose a spot in your home that gets at least 6 hours of sunshine per day. Strong and healthy herbs love the sunshine!

Do my growing herbs need frequent watering?

Careful not to over-water your herbs, especially during the first few weeks. Your herbs will grow best in soil that is slightly moist and is not over watered. Because climates vary by region, it is best to water by feel by poking your finger about 3/4" into the soil. If the soil is moist you can wait to water. If it's dry, add some water.

What indoor location is the best place for my growing herb pots?

Make sure that your herb garden is in a well ventilated area, with lots of fresh air. Avoid planting in musty locations where the air is stale. Choose a location that you visit frequently throughout the day so you remember to check in on your plants and care for them. The more love you give your herbs, the faster they will grow!